Uma Talreja, Chief Digital Officer
Juhi Singh, Consumer Research & Insights
Maxus India
Anand Chakravarty, Managing Partner
Tata Motors
Suvrita Saumya - Sr. Marketing Manager
GM - Brand Marketing
Welspun Group
Anuj Arora | Head of Marketing - India (Home Textiles)
Case Studies
Colors Shakti boosts loyalty among Indian TV viewers using Zapr TV-to-Mobile
Sony India | Zapr: 300,000 TV viewers switch channels via TV-To-Mobile Advertising
Going Active: Max Bupa Wins 41% Higher ProspectsGoing Active: Max Bupa Wins 41% Higher Prospects
Star Plus Aces Primetime TV Battle with Strategic TV-to-Mobile Campaigns
Club Mahindra | Zapr: 100,000 TV Ad viewers made snap decisions via TV-To-Mobile Advertising
Swiggy Case Video: Not Just Food But TV Ad Delivery
Firesides / ZaprBytes
Naveen Tiwari - Founder and CEO, InMobi
Bhavna Saincher - SVP, Revenue at Zapr
Aditya Kulkarni - VP, Data Insights at Zapr
Priti Murthy - CEO, OMD India
Sulina Menon - Chief Client Officer, OMD India
Mausumi Kar - Managing Director, Motivator (Group M)
TV viewership reports
Week 16: TV Viewership Roundup
Week 17: TV Viewership Round Up
Week 18: TV Viewership Round Up