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We’re the only technology company in India profiling offline media consumption of smartphone and connected TV users. We do this using cutting edge technologies built with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Signal Processing.
Our Scale Of Work
monthly users
signals processed daily
organic data produced churned daily
data churned every month
content matching accuracy
Ad requests daily
What we’ve built
In-house Audio Content Recognition Technology
We find unique signatures (fingerprint) in a snippet of audio that is robust enough to withstand environment noise, physical recording locations and audio quality degradation.These fingerprints are sent to our servers and matched against media content.
Connected TV Technology
We use ACR (Automated Content Recognition) and Image Recognition to measure how smartphone and connected TV users consume content across TV, radio, music and OTT. We're able to detect viewership of all major content titles in a highly scalable and cost-effective way.
In-house Ad Technology Platform
Executes Real-Time Bidding (RTB) across hundreds of ad exchanges, networks and direct publishers for profiled users. Extremely optimized low latency systems, getting the most.
Zapr’s Software Development Kit (SDK)
Zapr’s Software Development Kit is the only product globally that can simultaneously analyze media consumption data and run targeted ads, with negligible effect on phone battery and data usage.As of today, Zapr SDK has a footprint on more than 200M devices globally.
Data Lake
Comprehensive data lake and warehousing solution built on big data technologies such as Hadoop, Hive, Spark and Amazon EMR to democratize data for all complex and simple data analytics.
Data Products
Dashboards for brands, broadcasters, agencies, and publishers to track their TV and digital campaigns in real-time.
The birth of Zapr SDK and how it functions
Zapr’s Software Development Kit
The only product globally that can simultaneously analyze media consumption data and run targeted ads, with negligible effect on phone battery and data usage.
How we build
Front End
Backend Servers
What we are building next
We’re building innovative products using next-gen tech like image processing, speech recognition and other deep learning and machine learning techniques to reimagine the distribution, discovery, and consumption of media and advertising content.

Our portfolio of disruptive offerings caters to the entire value chain of the media industry - right from media owners, broadcasters, advertisers, research companies and end consumers.
Our Community
“We are a dynamic bunch of people solving a billion dollar problem with our disruptive technology. We take pride in our culture - our ability to build on each other’s ideas and work as a team. Get to know our culture code.”
Coder's Corner - Experience Innovation
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Stuff we do
Zapr tech meetups
Head over to our office at Bangalore and learn from techies with hands-on experience in building things that have never been built before! Follow us on social media for updates on upcoming sessions.
Zapr Hackathon
Catch the annual Hackathon contest and build something cool in a span of 24 hours. Get recognized for being the ‘Most Useful Hack’, ‘Most Innovative Hack’ or let the crowd decide if you’re the ‘Most Popular Hack’.
Zapr Technology Conference
Present your experiences in your domain of expertise, learn about emerging technologies at a two-day interaction with some of the brightest minds!
The Idea Board: Get your ideas heard anytime
Got a new product you’d like to build? Figured out better ways to scale up systems? All you need to do is pin it up on the idea board and the team will pick it up!
Open Source Contribution
We love giving back to the tech community! Join us and contribute to our highly rated open source repository.
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